Marble Madness! This is the first game I bought for the Wii (it was cheaper than the other ones I wanted) and it’s so much fun! It is deceptively cute with it’s graphics but it is a challenging game. It’s a puzzle game and the objective is that you control a marble object and maneuver it through the twists and turns of a puzzle maze. You spend the game tilting the wiimote all around to move the marble in the game. It’s tough because most of the puzzles have areas that don’t have walls and you can fall!

How cute is that right? As you go through the levels you also gain different marbles that you can use that have different characteristics. Some are easier to control, others move faster and are more difficult. Some are just downright silly. As I speak, Jason is using a panda shaped one that likes to fart a lot. Those damn crazy Japanese people!

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