At the carwash

One of the best things I love about taking my car in at the dealership down the street from my work is that they wash your car for any service you bring the car in for…whether it’s major or minor. And believe me my car was in major need of a wash. So now my car will be nice and clean for free and I didn’t have to get dirty! I know some other dealerships do it too, but they’ll only do it if you spend $$$ on a major service, or will do a really crappy job on the wash. But they don’t!

I brought it in to get my tires aligned, but also wanted to have them check a service bulletin I recently got in the mail. I love the fact the guy knew immediately what I was saying when the only thing I had a chance to say was “letter in the mail from Honda.” Thankfully everything checked out okay and they extended the warranty on the part anyhow. Wheee. I can feel a little better driving in the car now. And it was done 2 hours EARLY. 🙂

Update: They even vacuumed the inside of my car! And it was so sparkly clean that Jason noticed it in the dark. Or does that just mean my car was previously really dirty? 😛

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