Wii for $79!

If someone out there is still looking for a Wii, you just might be able to score one for $79! Don’t need a Wii? How about a Playstation for $319? Or an Xbox for $219? Not a gamer? Does a DSLR camera for $499 interest you? TIVO for a whopping $89? Pissed off the girlfriend/wife? How about platinum 1 carat studded earrings for $499? The best part? You don’t have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and deal with the crazies at the mall for any of this.

Amazon is having a customer vote going on right now for what you want to have a chance at buying for a big discount. People that voted for the winning product will be randomly selected to be given the chance to buy the item at the price. Check it out!

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