I think I came down with a case of food poisoning. This is the worst I have felt since I don’t know how long. Damn you Chipotle. I was doing fine yesterday until at night when Jason started smoking on a cigar. They normally don’t bother me but this time it made my head spin. Then things got progressively worse. I ended up throwing up two times before going to bed and my body refuses to let me sleep. It got me out of bed at least once every hour with a mad dash to the bathroom. Not a very happy camper right now. I haven’t slept, my stomach is killing me, my head is pounding, and I feel extremely weak. I’m majorly dehydrated. I lost 4 lbs in this overnight battle!

Needless to say, I couldn’t make it to work, for which I always feel really bad about because I’m in a small department of two. So when I’m out, things tend to come to a halt. This was the week I was going to take time out and train the other person in the department stuff that I do, so I felt especially bad for calling in sick. I contemplated going to work for a few hours to show her some things and then ask to leave early. Jason wouldn’t have it though. And he was right. I’m in no condition to drive. It took all the strength I had to get out of bed and to the store a block away to get some soup, juice, and electrolyte enhanced drinks. I am wiped out. I was really hoping to get back to work tomorrow, but at this point it is questionable. *sigh* Webmd says it could take as long as 60 hours to get over this.

I have still yet to eat anything, though I chugged down a bottle of Gatorade. I don’t really want to stand in the kitchen to heat up some soup. I want to badly go back in bed and try to get some sleep, but the pain seems to be worse when I lie down. And the whole darn body rudely interrupting me every hour. I feel like a kid needing her mommy, but I’d prefer my hubby right now. He’s in class and work until tonight though. 🙁

Update 7 pm: I thought I was starting to get better. After taking some Pepto, I was able to sleep for TWO hours before my body rudely woke me up. Then I promptly threw up again. *sigh* I don’t know if it is wise or not, but I just had some chicken soup and Pedialyte. Let’s hope it stays down. 🙁

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  1. Angela

    Aww, Sarah! I’m so sorry you are so sick! I was worried ’cause I saw that you called in again today. Can you get an appointment with your doctor? Let me know if you need anything at all. Take care!


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