Slowest day EVA!

I’m at work right now on Christmas Eve just itching for the clock to hit 4 already! Most people either requested the day off or had chosen to leave early when it was apparent that today was a very VERY light day. There’s just a few of us stragglers left….less than 10, I think. As much as I wished that I could have left early, I need to keep my vacation hours for my trip in February to China. There’s no shortage of work in my department, so I was able to keep relatively busy, but things just felt like they were dragging when it is so quiet in the office!

Ahhhhhhhhh…just 10 more minutes and I can drive home and make a cup of hot chocolate and stick one of these amazing peppermint marshmallows in the cup. I never realized just how easy marshmallows were to make. I thought they would be difficult since everyone charges an arm and a leg for these “gourmet” versions. Soooo easy! I recommend anyone with a sweet tooth to try it at home. You will never look at store bought marshmallows the same again.

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