And now it's time to say goodbye… all our company. A-N-G …gee, do you have to go? E-L-A …a wish for all the best for you! I still need to write about my holidays, but I had to get this one out before I forget. My co-worker and dearest friend Angela is leaving! She’ll be just down the street, but who am I going to go on breaks with!?! I shall miss her company, but I really am happy for her because she’s getting into something that she truly loves.

I can still remember the first time I met her. It was before I was put in the same department that she was in. It was my first week of work and I was still in training. I did not know a soul other than the few people in my training group. One day I was taking my morning break in the lunch room and she comes in with Shirley Tipsy all happy and laughing. They were trying to get the vending machine to work. Shirley wanted something in there and I think it was either the last one, or right behind one other item. Then the stupid machine did something screwy with the money (as always) and I can remember them trying to jab the money slot with a plastic fork or knife. LOL I wasn’t sure about this place until that moment. Then I figured this place ought to have some amount of fun if these girls were here. 😉

It’s been well over two years and a lot of fun times and chit chats have been had. You’re my break buddy (only two left!), pho buddy…just my plain buddy. I’m going to hold your Cooking Mama hostage to ensure we still have lunch from time to time! Grassy ass for the friendship, you’ll be missed around the office, but you know I will still be buggin you!

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