I wanted to blog last week about China, really I did! Unfortunately I’ve had a bit of some health issues. I woke up last Monday morning with pain in both of my hands. With rest, the pain went away and I made an appointment for this week for a physical and to get it checked out should it continue. Went to work the day after just fine, but as the afternoon came to a close, the pain came back. In my joints, wrists, and arms. Jason also said that my arm looked a bit swollen.

I squeezed an appointment last Wednesday with the doctor and things are looking abnormal and not good. My blood pressure was high…130 over 100! It has always been spot on normal. My hands and arms have signs of swelling and slightly so in my legs. I am hoping the swelling and pain caused the spike in my blood pressure. So lots of blood drawn the next day for lab work from arthritis to hypertension to thyroid problems and everything else in between.

As of today, I feel pretty much normal again. The pain has gone away for the most part other than the usual twinge here and there from working on the computer all day. I just hope that my blood pressure has gone back down. I tried to use one of those free monitors at Rite Aid but the constriction was beyond insane. I see the doc again tomorrow for my physical and lab results. Here’s hoping that everything checks out okay!

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