Almost normal

Thanks everyone for your concerns. 🙂 My follow up with the doctor went as well as it could. All the lab work came back without any concerns. No signs of arthritis, thyroid problems, or anemia. Triglycerides looked great. My glucose was a tinge above normal, but nothing to be concerned about and would surely go down if I watched my carbs and got things going with my personal trainer.

The only thing was that my blood pressure was on the high side. 150 over 90 this time. Good grief! So I’m on this water pill now that should get rid of any extra water in my system and bring it down. Took one dose yesterday and they aren’t kidding around with the side effects. Woke up twice in the middle of the night and woke up 3 lbs less of water. :-O Made me dizzy all day today though. And I get to stay on this for five months! I suppose I can’t complain, it is better than being put on meds for high blood pressure.

On a different note, I can’t believe our one year anniversary is coming up so soon!!!!

2 thoughts on “Almost normal

  1. Angela

    glad to hear it wasn’t anything too serious and that you’re able to just take water pills!!

    and yes, your one year is almost here! what are your plans?


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