Persistent Sucker

The pain in my hand/wrist/arm came back. 🙁 Noticed my arm swelling on Sunday and then the pain reared it’s ugly head on Monday. Back to the doc I went and got sent to get x-rays to make sure nothing was missed. So I’ve had to wear a wrist brace on my left hand for this week and let me tell you it makes typing on the computer extremely hard! We shall see what is going to happen on my next follow up.

This going to make my personal training at the gym a bit harder. I start next week! Time to suck it up and kick some butt! Or will my trainer be the one doing the butt kicking?

Before I get super super serious though, I will have one last hurrah with our anniversary food this weekend. Can someone tell me why the heck it is so hard to find a good bakery that makes yummy cakes and desserts? Maybe Riverside just isn’t hip enough, but I found it really difficult. I just wanted a simple small cake with Bavarian cream and fresh strawberries. If not that, then maybe some spectacularly indulgent individual sized dessert. There is a bakery down the street from us which does make some really neat looking wedding cakes, but the desserts we’ve had there were not all that great and just way too sweet. Then I found a place that I thought would surely be able to accommodate me if the owner was previously a hotel pastry chef. But no…they only do mousse filling and said they could do strawberries at my own risk of them not being sour because it was not yet “in season”. Should I just buy strawberries to supply to you too? And their display case just had cookies and scone type stuff. 🙁 Guess I was spoiled by the Asian bakeries in LA that had sooo many choices. To think I used to be sick of the Chinese birthday cakes with strawberries and whipped cream! What I wouldn’t give for one right now. So I’m turning to Trader Joe’s whose desserts are frozen, but have never let me down. I was hoping they had the creme brulee framboise in stock that they’ve got me hooked on, but no dice. (Seriously look for it if you have a TJ’s near you. Creme brulee with raspberries made and imported from France in reusable ramekins!) Instead I went for their opera cake which I’ve been eying for some time but was too decadent to buy just because. Can’t wait to try it!

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