Not quite dead

My personal trainer promises to not kill me. 🙂 But between work and being pummeled at the gym, I have no energy to do a real blog on our anniversary and yes…still China. I really just need to get the images off my camera and I’ll be set. Maybe this weekend. I just barely got around to picking out the photos for our wedding album!

I’ve never worked out so hard in such a long long time. No pain no gain right? There is definitely pain. I know I will see results and I cannot wait. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Not quite dead

  1. pam

    I’ve been using a trainer on and off for some time now and really enjoy it. I’ve got my husband coming to the now once/week seesions with me and he’s enjoying it too although he thinks she’s trying to kill him. lol! My energy level went way up after I started training.

    Get those photos off your camera girl..I want see some china pics! 😉

  2. Loraine

    I have no trainer- just an exercycle and a scale and me scolding myself for once again leaving snacks on my desk where I consume them half- consciously.


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