Anyone still reading? 😛 Got off my butt and upgraded WordPress on here, but alas although I’m up to date, my layout got hosed because it was ancient and isn’t compatible with the newest WP. Gives me reason to set up a new look like I’ve wanted, but I need to migrate this over to a new host first. So forgive the look of this place for awhile. And it may be awhile…I don’t have time to stare at code for personal reasons these days. Maybe I’ll find a nice ready made theme to slap on for now.

Work work work… and working out…that is all I do these days. No time for play. But amazingly enough I do have three concerts lined up! Jack Johnson at UCLA, Amos Lee at HOB, and Jason Mraz at the Greek! I have not been to a concert in what seems like forever. I miss going to concerts. I used to go like crazy. Especially the Hollywood Bowl and the great cheap seats. Life and traffic has caught up to me and I can’t just go on a whim. So I’ll enjoy these while I can because who knows when I’ll have a chance at another concert.

Back to housework I go. Until next time…. (which hopefully won’t be 3 more months)

4 thoughts on “Outdated

  1. angela

    yes, i’m still reading! glad you updated! oh and can i just say that i’m SO JEALOUS you’re going to see jack johnson. i tried to buy tix online and i guess when i was trying to do it they were updating the site so it kept saying to try again. when i finally got around to trying again (and saw that their update was really just to up the ticket prices), it was already sold out 🙁

    i heard jason mraz is amazing live! i wish i was seeing him too! hope you have fun


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