Chip off the old block

My teeth aren’t the strongest things in the world, but I make do with them on most days. They have a thing for chipping/cracking over the oddest things. Last night I chipped one of my front teeth (not the very front two, but one of the ones next to them) on a pita chip. A friggin pita chip!!!! It chipped vertically on the side…so it looks like I have a gap. Many many years ago as a kid I cracked one molar on a Gator Tator chip. Anyone remember those? I tried to find a picture of them on google but all I could find were Zapps. All I remember was the alligator on the bag and them being these real thick hard potato chips. Probably made to break a tooth, but I didn’t care. I chipped my other tooth to the side of the front teeth as well some time ago, but can’t recall on what. Maybe it was on a crab shell. You think I would have learned my lesson to avoid hard stuff. 😛

I was doing fine and dandy last night, but as the day went along at work the sensitivity got to me and I had a splitting headache and could hardly focus. Wound up leaving two hours early from work.

What is scary is how many dentists are out there. I searched for one in my insurance network and in a 5 mile radius got 100 results. 100!!!! When I drove home, I found 4 within the shopping area at my offramp and found 4 more offices a block from my home. Just how easy is it to get a dental license? I never made a dental appointment through my insurance at work, so I was at a complete loss. So I had Jason call up his dentist to see if they can give me a recommendation from my list. None to be found. What was also suspicious was the education of these dentists. Some too new. Some too old. Graduated in 1945? Sorry, I don’t want someone keeling over while I am in the chair. And then the colleges! “Foreign college.” That makes me feel sooo safe. And that’s not a discrimination against anyone that gets a degree out of the country, because there were plenty of foreign schools listed specifically like Cairo University. But come on! Foreign school??? I would like a little bit more information please.

What to do…what to do? I emailed his dentist back and asked if they had an opening anytime soon. I’d rather pay out of pocket for a job done well than to set up something that is insured but by some random Joe Shmoe I don’t know anything about. My luck, nothing til next week! So I call around, dentist Russian roulette it is. Sorry, nothing open for 2-3 weeks! How do you fix an emergency when no one has any appointments open? What will it take to get a day of appointment? A bloody broken jaw with teeth in your hands? In the end, I called and made an appointment to Jason’s dentist. And I am going to have them replace this loose crown of mine as well. Better safe than sorry. Hopefully I can survive the next week until then.

On the positive side however, I continued my search at home because I still need a regular dentist and I think the insurance is actually PPO. Woo hoo. Will be a bit more out of network, but something is better than nothing. Now I need to figure out how to file the claim.

5 thoughts on “Chip off the old block

  1. Angela

    AWW! i’m sorry you’re in pain 🙁 i was laughing at your rant about how many dentists are out there and how vague their education can be – too true!! good luck with the dentist!

  2. Memarie Lane

    I have a great dentist that was recommended to me by someone in the homeschooling co-op. Hopefully Brad gets this job he’s up for so I can do something about this filling that fell out in March.

  3. Angela

    oh i forgot to mention that i remember the gator tator chips!! AND!! i knew someone else who cracked a tooth while eating them! maybe that’s why they don’t make ’em anymore

  4. sarah

    Jason’s dentist is looking into the dental insurance from work. I will still have to pay a pretty penny probably, but it is better than paying for it all. Replacing the crown is almost $900 alone out of pocket!!!! 🙁 I think the insurance covers 60%. Whew.

  5. pam

    Oh goodness. the thought of the dentist gives me the creeps!! I wish they coudl just knock me out with something everytime I go…even for my regular cleanings. lol! I just hate the sound of all the equipment and the dentist office smell. blech.


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