Coming soon…maybe…at some point?

Jason will cringe at this, but I’m thinking of starting a food blog. I’ve bought the domain name, but it’ll be parked for awhile. I need to move this site, our old wedding site, my sister-in-law’s site over to a new host first. Got Jason and my other sister-in-law moved over to the new host already at least. One of my old hosting accounts have been lacking, so I’m shutting one down for another. Got two weeks before it comes up to pay again. Must get everything moved over! Not to mention actual projects people want me to work on for them.

But yes, a food blog. Because I love cooking and I love eating. Half of the blogs I follow already are food blogs, so why not join in? Better to blog than for Jason to listen to me all the time about food. Hahaha. ….what do you think? 🙂

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