Bodybugg: one month down

Been a month on the bodybugg and so far I am down 1.6% body fat! ^_^ Of course it’s not all thanks to the bugg. My trainer does a number on me weekly and I track my food, but it definitely has helped me keep on course!

Kind of depressing to see that I burn as much sitting on my butt at work as I do sleeping, but it does motivate me to try to move around more. It’s definitely been interesting to see how many calories I am burning when I’m at the gym doing different workouts and I’m pleasantly surprised to see I burn quite a bit on the Wii Fit!

First couple of days at work, people kept asking me what the heck I was wearing. I read all over online on how to conceal it under clothes and what kind of clothes work best, but I didn’t particularly care. I wear a lot of sleeveless shirts to work and I wasn’t going to go on a shopping spree (especially after shelling $$ out on the bodybugg), just to keep it under cover. I still had people ask me about it just this week.

Really hope this downward trend continues. It’s been a rough couple of months on the weight loss front. I’ve been having issues with extra water retention that keeps my weight yo-yoing, but finally…finally things are steadily staying down even after taking the extra water weight into consideration.

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