Birthdays and such

December is always a busy month. Not only is it the holidays but also a month for my mom’s and my own birthdays. My birthday was a fairly quiet one and marks the tail end of my 20’s. Both Jason and me are sick, but we managed to go out and have a nice dinner to celebrate. It was all very last minute as the original restaurant I wanted to go to called just days before to tell us they had a fire and had to cancel the reservations and will be closed for months! Thankfully I found a great recommendation on a foodie board and we went to a quaint little bistro.

Jason got me a fancy shmancy fitness monitor which monitors my heart rate and tracks my calories burned. So with this new toy and my existing bodbugg, I’ll be totally strapped up when I’m at the gym. And then there is my bestest friend who always has to go crazy for my birthday and Christmas. I opened up like 8-10 different presents! And one of the gifts that I didn’t realize that I would have to fight with Jason to play with is the Aerosmith Guitar Hero for the Wii! Yes…she is the bestest for a reason.

My mother’s birthday is just two days before mine, but this year we celebrated a little early. And her birthday is a story of just how adorable my father has become as he’s gotten older. When it comes to my parents’ birthdays, Mother’s day, and Father’s day, we ALWAYS do the same thing every single time every single year. There is a Chinese buffet that my parents love and that is just what we always do.

But not this time. Oh no. My dad wanted to surprise my mom and he started planning a month early. Who are you and what have you done with my dad!? It was so cute. On Thanksgiving he snuck around and passed us the business card for the restaurant and told us to not tell our mom. Then when it came time, he made my sister tell my mom and when she let him know he pretended that it was the first time he ever heard about the dinner! Then the day of, as we all drove to the restaurant he snuck around once again to go get the birthday cake. Too adorable and not something I would have ever expected my dad to do. I hope we’re that cute years from now.

4 thoughts on “Birthdays and such

  1. DeDad

    Yep, us old geezers have to invent new ways to keep awake. If we dont we forget what we were doing and who we were doing it for.

    What were we taling about anyway? Time for a nap.

  2. Loraine

    Aww, how sweet of your dad! I can totally see Jason fighting for control of the guitar hero game. BTW sorry your present’s a little late but we’re sure you guys will like it!


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