Daddy dearest

Here comes another story about my dad. I swear, he’s just getting cuter and cuter as he gets older. This past Monday was the Lunar New Year, so over the weekend we visited my family for New Year’s Eve. The weekend started out on Saturday at my cousin’s one month party for his baby (where as anyone on Facebook already knows, I was inundated with “When are you guys going to have a baby?” questions.). That night actually showed the cuteness of my uncle as he has gotten older…telling stories of my brother and how he much cried when he was a baby. Hahaha.

We spent the night at my folks and in the morning my dad decided to take me and Jason out for breakfast. I don’t think I have EVER gone out to breakfast with my dad alone without the whole family. But when my dad heard Jason wanted to go out to get some coffee, he just HAD to take us to this place that served up great noodles and coffee. So off we went, just me, Jason and my daddy. The noodles were delicious and Jason had a strong cup of ca phe sua nong, hot Vietnamese drip coffee. As we ate, my dad said that he will buy some Vietnamese ground coffee so that Jason can make some at home. Isn’t that so thoughtful? Then we we got home my mom let me know that my dad always always takes his friends and people visiting in town to the noodle cafe. So it was a special go to place for my dad. 🙂 I absolutely love and adore that my dad puts this effort and care with Jason. 🙂 🙂

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