1. I’m 5’8″ That’s tall! Especially considering…
2. I’m Chinese
3. However, I don’t know Mandarin or Cantonese.
4. I do know Diojiu though!
5. I’m trying to teach Jason how to speak Diojiu…so far he remembers how to say cofee. 🙂
6. I’m the baby in the family
7. I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 25!
8. I still need to learn how to swim
9. I enjoy watching figure skating
10. I took gymnastics in high school (uneven bars are freaky!)
11. I ditched PE frequently in the 8th grade much thanks to the assistant principal’s lovely notes!
12. I love Disneyland
13. I love Eeyore (but not Pooh!)
14. I like jumping off curbs
15. I drive a Civic hybrid and love it!
16. Only a select few people can get away with calling me a hooch.
17. My best bud and I frequently call each other Babe
18. Jason likes to call me Puff or LilBit (still need a nickname for him)
19. My favorite color is blue.
20. I love to bake
21. I make a killer cheesecake
22. I love making homemade marshmallows. Kraft Jet Puffed marshmallows can kiss my ass.
23. I live for concerts
24. Harry Connick Jr is on top of the list
25. And Linda Eder
26. And Cowboy Mouth!!!
27. I went to a 98 Degrees concert once. It was my last.
28. I love jazz
29. I wish I knew how to play piano
30. I have a slight allergic reaction to crab, but eat it anyways!
31. I listen to AM radio more often than FM
32. I listen to my Sirius even more. Channel 98. O=)
33. I love the look and feel of corsets (No, they don’t hurt)
34. I own four and want more! (Say no to plastic boning)
35. I’ve taken sexy boudoir photos for my hubby and plan to do so again someday.
36. I put sugar on avocado
37. I put salt on oranges, grapefruit, and pineapple
38. The smell of celery alone makes me want to puke
39. I’m not a tomato person most of the time
40. I love the sweet smell of vanilla
41. I never had the chicken pox
42. I’ve watched an NC-17 movie in the theater that included Ron Jeremy in its cast
43. I own the unrated copy of the movie
44. I used to be a Will and Grace tv taping regular (The security guards would remember who I was)
45. I inevitably ended up doing paid audience work for a few months
46. I was once asked to design a website selling adult merchandise. (I declined!)
47. I am a butt girl
48. But have no butt of my own to speak of
49. I am also a sucker for warm expressive eyes
50. I once briefly raced a car on the freeway at 100 mph
51. I now typically never ever go over the speed limit…hell, I usually go below it a good 5 mph!
52. I had my picture taken with Susan Lucci (she’s so tiny!)
53. I’m a quiet person and you know what they say about quiet people…
54. I never went to prom
55. I skipped the first grade
56. I used to know how to write shorthand
57. I’ve gotten stuck in a car chase once
58. I’ve been in two accidents
59. Tylenol makes my headaches worse
60. Vicodin doesn’t do jack for me
61. I wish I looked as good as some Thai drag queens/transexuals
62. My best assets are The Girls.
63. I love shopping for lingerie despite how hard it is to find things
64. I don’t like shopping for much else.
65. My most comfortable pair of boots are my $7 Payless boots!
66. I’ve caught the bridal bouquet twice…it pays being tall
67. I am afraid of heights
68. You won’t ever catch me on most rollercoasters
69. I’ve been to Mardi Gras twice
70. I love the Big Easy!
71. Moms love me. 🙂
72. I have a crafty and creative side
73. A classmate bought my framed digital artwork and hung it in his living room
74. There are people with tattoos of cartoons I’ve drawn
75. I’d rather have water or iced tea than soda
76. I used to know the lyrics to Skee-Lo songs by heart
77. My guilty tv pleasure is Nip/Tuck
78. I enjoy anime and I don’t mean Pokemon
79. I’m not a cheap date…I prefer mixed drinks over beer and have a high tolerance
80. I crashed a wedding reception once while inebriated
81. I cried (in a not so good way) at a different wedding reception (invited!)
82. I am a packrat
83. I am a Trekkie, but not THAT kind of Trekkie
84. I think Patrick Stewart is pretty sexy! 😮
85. I love In-N-Out fries either well done or animal style
86. I got an A+ in my college Calculus class
87. I hate the treadmill
88. I’ve never been to San Francisco
89. Yet I have been to Nashville
90. Awesome deals have a way of finding me when I do go shopping. ($20 A/X dress anyone?)
91. The coupons are my favorite part of the Sunday times.
92. A homeless person refused to take my money because I’m Chinese.
93. I’ve had a gun pointed at me
94. I’ve learned not to take anything or anyone for granted
95. I have a collection of greeting cards waiting to send out
96. I like crossword puzzles
97. I dislike wearing t-shirts most of the time
98. I’ve been in a car with a hooker before.
99. I am a hopeless romantic and dreamer
100. I am in love with and married to the most wonderful guy on earth and he loves me. 🙂