Music in the air

It’s been sometime since I’ve been to a concert, so I was super amped on Sunday to go see Jack Johnson at UCLA on their intramural fields. I should have known better and honestly should have called the ticket office instead of assuming what the set up will be like. With rules of no chairs or blankets allowed, I naturally thought maybe they were going to have fold up chairs set up. But no….big empty field. Poor hubby. He doesn’t like standing at concerts and here we are having to stand! I sucked it up and bought a $25 Jack Johnson towel so that we had something to sit on at least for most of the evening until Jack came on.

There was a lot of weed smoking which was a little disconcerting with a decent amount of kids and pregnant women walking about. (I hope you were not around any pot smokers, Nanette!) It was also very sad to see all the trash on the field after the show. With all the emphasis on the environment and being green, I was surprised how everyone trampled over the trash without a care in the world.

In spite of all of that, it was an awesome show! Miss Angela, I wish you could have been there…I know you would have loved it. I thought of you when Jack busted out the ukulele. 🙂 He had two opening acts, Culver City Dub with guest Paula Fuga and Rogue Wave. Rogue Wave was okay, just not my cup of tea. Culver City Dub had a very soul/reggae/jazz/funk vibe to them and I loved the trombone action. The best of all however was Paula Fuga hailing from Hawaii. She has got the most amazingly pure and beautiful voice. I recommend everyone to check her out!!!!

And then of course there was Jack! He was fantastic. It was our first time seeing him in concert and I am glad that he sounds just as good live as he does on cd. He sang just about every song anyone could want to hear…except our wedding song. LOL 😛 But it’s okay 🙂 🙂 All the songs were wonderful and it was adorable to hear him talk about his wife and kids. And his band member Zach Gill can play a mean piano and an even meaner accordion! Loved it all and can’t wait until he goes on tour again.

Next up….Amos Lee this weekend!

Coming soon…maybe…at some point?

Jason will cringe at this, but I’m thinking of starting a food blog. I’ve bought the domain name, but it’ll be parked for awhile. I need to move this site, our old wedding site, my sister-in-law’s site over to a new host first. Got Jason and my other sister-in-law moved over to the new host already at least. One of my old hosting accounts have been lacking, so I’m shutting one down for another. Got two weeks before it comes up to pay again. Must get everything moved over! Not to mention actual projects people want me to work on for them.

But yes, a food blog. Because I love cooking and I love eating. Half of the blogs I follow already are food blogs, so why not join in? Better to blog than for Jason to listen to me all the time about food. Hahaha. ….what do you think? 🙂

Chip off the old block

My teeth aren’t the strongest things in the world, but I make do with them on most days. They have a thing for chipping/cracking over the oddest things. Last night I chipped one of my front teeth (not the very front two, but one of the ones next to them) on a pita chip. A friggin pita chip!!!! It chipped vertically on the side…so it looks like I have a gap. Many many years ago as a kid I cracked one molar on a Gator Tator chip. Anyone remember those? I tried to find a picture of them on google but all I could find were Zapps. All I remember was the alligator on the bag and them being these real thick hard potato chips. Probably made to break a tooth, but I didn’t care. I chipped my other tooth to the side of the front teeth as well some time ago, but can’t recall on what. Maybe it was on a crab shell. You think I would have learned my lesson to avoid hard stuff. 😛

I was doing fine and dandy last night, but as the day went along at work the sensitivity got to me and I had a splitting headache and could hardly focus. Wound up leaving two hours early from work.

What is scary is how many dentists are out there. I searched for one in my insurance network and in a 5 mile radius got 100 results. 100!!!! When I drove home, I found 4 within the shopping area at my offramp and found 4 more offices a block from my home. Just how easy is it to get a dental license? I never made a dental appointment through my insurance at work, so I was at a complete loss. So I had Jason call up his dentist to see if they can give me a recommendation from my list. None to be found. What was also suspicious was the education of these dentists. Some too new. Some too old. Graduated in 1945? Sorry, I don’t want someone keeling over while I am in the chair. And then the colleges! “Foreign college.” That makes me feel sooo safe. And that’s not a discrimination against anyone that gets a degree out of the country, because there were plenty of foreign schools listed specifically like Cairo University. But come on! Foreign school??? I would like a little bit more information please.

What to do…what to do? I emailed his dentist back and asked if they had an opening anytime soon. I’d rather pay out of pocket for a job done well than to set up something that is insured but by some random Joe Shmoe I don’t know anything about. My luck, nothing til next week! So I call around, dentist Russian roulette it is. Sorry, nothing open for 2-3 weeks! How do you fix an emergency when no one has any appointments open? What will it take to get a day of appointment? A bloody broken jaw with teeth in your hands? In the end, I called and made an appointment to Jason’s dentist. And I am going to have them replace this loose crown of mine as well. Better safe than sorry. Hopefully I can survive the next week until then.

On the positive side however, I continued my search at home because I still need a regular dentist and I think the insurance is actually PPO. Woo hoo. Will be a bit more out of network, but something is better than nothing. Now I need to figure out how to file the claim.


Anyone still reading? 😛 Got off my butt and upgraded WordPress on here, but alas although I’m up to date, my layout got hosed because it was ancient and isn’t compatible with the newest WP. Gives me reason to set up a new look like I’ve wanted, but I need to migrate this over to a new host first. So forgive the look of this place for awhile. And it may be awhile…I don’t have time to stare at code for personal reasons these days. Maybe I’ll find a nice ready made theme to slap on for now.

Work work work… and working out…that is all I do these days. No time for play. But amazingly enough I do have three concerts lined up! Jack Johnson at UCLA, Amos Lee at HOB, and Jason Mraz at the Greek! I have not been to a concert in what seems like forever. I miss going to concerts. I used to go like crazy. Especially the Hollywood Bowl and the great cheap seats. Life and traffic has caught up to me and I can’t just go on a whim. So I’ll enjoy these while I can because who knows when I’ll have a chance at another concert.

Back to housework I go. Until next time…. (which hopefully won’t be 3 more months)


I never got around to my posting, but I at least did get Jason semi moved into his new humble abode online. So please go over to and tell him hi. 🙂 It’s a bit bare right now until we can get some color swatches, knick knacks, and get it all decorated but it will look lived in soon enough. Also made some headway in moving my sister-in-law, Marie into her new hip place. She was starting to trip over all her things at blogger, so I’m helping her move across town over to wordpress. She ought to be settled in by the end of the week.

But the bestest news of all today? My laptop is here and I get to pick it up in an hour! *squeals* I love new toys. 🙂

Fresh start?

I am hoping to make use of this three day weekend and finally get off my butt and post the pics I’ve meant to since umm…February? Perhaps give this place a new look while I’m at it since I need to update my version of WordPress. And if time permits, get around to setting up wordpress for a couple of other people. May very well be the last thing I will do online on this old laptop of mine. Kind of funny to think that something that is just 3 years old is ancient. But it’s been showing a lot of wear and tear…mostly tear. So this past week I sucked it up and bought myself a new laptop. A bit sad because this means my dreams of a dslr will have to wait even longer, but a dslr isn’t very useful if I don’t have a laptop to view and work the images on. After forking over a grand, I still don’t have my laptop in my pretty hands yet. It was practically sold out almost everywhere and so I wait for mine to be truck transferred from Victorville. Should arrive by Tuesday! *fingers crossed*

Jason is gone at the moment. Been gone since Friday for a camping trip with his hiking class. And although I know I’ve spent many nights before we got married alone at night, it was just a bit lonesome without him. It’s not even like we’re all cuddly at night. Most nights we are tired from work and fall asleep on our separate sides of the bed. But I guess it’s the fact that I can wake up and know he’s next to me. He comes home tonight though after being beat up by nature….so off to do a quick grocery run and some cleaning before I pick him up!

Not quite dead

My personal trainer promises to not kill me. 🙂 But between work and being pummeled at the gym, I have no energy to do a real blog on our anniversary and yes…still China. I really just need to get the images off my camera and I’ll be set. Maybe this weekend. I just barely got around to picking out the photos for our wedding album!

I’ve never worked out so hard in such a long long time. No pain no gain right? There is definitely pain. I know I will see results and I cannot wait. 🙂

Persistent Sucker

The pain in my hand/wrist/arm came back. 🙁 Noticed my arm swelling on Sunday and then the pain reared it’s ugly head on Monday. Back to the doc I went and got sent to get x-rays to make sure nothing was missed. So I’ve had to wear a wrist brace on my left hand for this week and let me tell you it makes typing on the computer extremely hard! We shall see what is going to happen on my next follow up.

This going to make my personal training at the gym a bit harder. I start next week! Time to suck it up and kick some butt! Or will my trainer be the one doing the butt kicking?

Before I get super super serious though, I will have one last hurrah with our anniversary food this weekend. Can someone tell me why the heck it is so hard to find a good bakery that makes yummy cakes and desserts? Maybe Riverside just isn’t hip enough, but I found it really difficult. I just wanted a simple small cake with Bavarian cream and fresh strawberries. If not that, then maybe some spectacularly indulgent individual sized dessert. There is a bakery down the street from us which does make some really neat looking wedding cakes, but the desserts we’ve had there were not all that great and just way too sweet. Then I found a place that I thought would surely be able to accommodate me if the owner was previously a hotel pastry chef. But no…they only do mousse filling and said they could do strawberries at my own risk of them not being sour because it was not yet “in season”. Should I just buy strawberries to supply to you too? And their display case just had cookies and scone type stuff. 🙁 Guess I was spoiled by the Asian bakeries in LA that had sooo many choices. To think I used to be sick of the Chinese birthday cakes with strawberries and whipped cream! What I wouldn’t give for one right now. So I’m turning to Trader Joe’s whose desserts are frozen, but have never let me down. I was hoping they had the creme brulee framboise in stock that they’ve got me hooked on, but no dice. (Seriously look for it if you have a TJ’s near you. Creme brulee with raspberries made and imported from France in reusable ramekins!) Instead I went for their opera cake which I’ve been eying for some time but was too decadent to buy just because. Can’t wait to try it!


Maybe I will find time to write about China before our anniversary? 🙂 I’ve been working like crazy since I’ve been back last month and I’m not quite sure when things will lighten up. But it’s what I signed up for…I wanted this position. I know though that at some point, I’ve got to step aside and think of myself personally. Jason is rather good at reminding me to stop working so damn much!

For our anniversary we are going away. Not terribly far, but far removed enough from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Our anniversary is on a Monday and I’ve drained all my vacation hours on China, so we celebrating the weekend prior. Me…not working on a weekend! I’ve rented us a little cabin up in Idyllwild.

Cute and charming, yes? 🙂 It’s got a fireplace, whirlpool tub, and a private deck to stargaze. I’ll be picking up and packing with us some food at a great local Chinese restaurant to relive our yummy wedding banquet food. Eating fancy shmancy crab out in the woods away from civilization…can’t beat that!